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Is Your Insurance Agency Marketing to Millennials?, appeal to the millennial generation

Learn how your company can appeal to the millennial generation. Regardless of how you personally feel about millennials, they are becoming a major market force.  That’s why it’s so important for your business to tap into this potential customer base.  But how can your insurance company appeal to the millennial generation?  Here are some pointers for you to consider. Millennials Want to Stand for Something While your goal is to sell insurance services, millennials have

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SEO or PPC: Where Should You Invest?

SEO or PPC? Organic results or paid advertising? Determine which digital marketing strategy is better for your business. The SEO vs. PPC battle has raged as long as there have been search engines. These two digital marketing strategies create different results and have their own unique set of challenges. It’s understandable that businesses want to select the right approach and make sure the time and money they’re putting in will bring a large volume of

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The Importance of Great Photography for Web Design

Blurry stock photos on your website? Think again if you want to boost sales. Humans are visual creatures hence what others see has an undeniable impact on our success. Images transcend language and words, allowing guests to have a better understanding of your business – instantly. Gone are the days where websites are text-heavy with the occasional stock photograph in the corner. These days, sites are all about being minimal, clean, and fitted with stunning

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