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Understanding Your “Google My Business” Score to Better Your Marketing

Learn how to better understand your “Google My Business” score. It’s no secret that digital marketing is a key component in your business strategy. In today’s digital world, a strong web presence is more important than ever. However, when it comes to measuring your digital success, things start to get a little complicated. There are various factors that contribute to your online success. Perhaps one of the most important factors is how Google sees your

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vThe Benefits of Googling Yourself

Googling yourself can seem narcissistic, but it could help the way you, and more importantly, others see your business. It should be no surprise, but long before clients or referrals pick up the phone to give you a call in regards to your product or service, they look you up online. And a large majority of people use Google. People Google you and your business, look at social media, and read online reviews before they

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The Top Marketing Trends in 2017

Marketing is all about getting yourself out there, but do you know the marketing trends for the new year? Marketing is about getting seen–it helps if those that see you are your target audience. Visibility is one of the things that, no matter the year, will never change. Marketing revolves around the idea of how best customers see your business. But while the central idea may not change, the specifics on how you are seen

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