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We are professional, we are creative, we are hungry for success with a sophisticated palette that can only be satisfied by delectable design.


Each team member; an ingredient of equal importance in satisfying a client’s cravings, feeding off one another for creativity with deflated egos. #Nobeef


We understand the value of liaison with our clients, so we are committed to brewing rich and meaningful communications.

Developing Relationships

We suppose you can call us a sucker for love, because we dedicate ourselves to building lasting relationships.

Problem Solving

We know how to leverage the right tools to give our clients the best possible online experience.

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We have a thirst for life that is routinely quenched with an environment that allows the creative juices to flow.



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Our Services

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  • Brain Storming

    Thunderous ideas are materialized from the 1st step of our process and transformed into creative solutions.

  • Planning

    During the exploration stage, we dive into our clients’ business requirements and competitive landscape.

  • Development

    Once we have a clear strategy and we know what we want to achieve, it’s time for our designers to roll up their sleeves.

  • Launch

    Following thorough quality assurance involving the client and our team, the project is Go for Liftoff.

Web Design/Development

Creating innovative and interactive websites that focus on promoting your brand while staying on top of the latest technology trends. Our fully custom websites are unique to your company’s specific needs.

Graphic Design

Our experienced graphic designers will use a combination of high resolution imagery, typography, and page layouts to produce a final design that takes your breath away.

Email Newsletter

It is critical to create touch points with both your existing clients and prospects

Branding/Logo Design

Our graphic design experts will ensure that your branding is cohesive and engaging across all online platforms.

Search Engine Optimization

Get found online. We will work with you to find the most relevant, and beneficial, hyper local keywords to target in order to improve your SEO value.

Social Media Marketing

Social media has become the new word of mouth marketing. Let our team develop strategic, hyper local social media campaigns that will drive followers to your site and increase engagement when interacting with your brand


Visibility and consistency are absolutely crucial in reaching a target audience. Place your ads in front of your customers no matter where they go online.

Content Marketing

Creating engaging and unique content through the art of blogging and social media marketing.


Spanning from web page content, blogging, social media marketing, and press release creation- we’ve got you covered.

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The SMS team delivers world class designs across the nation, helping brands live up to their full potential. It’s what we do.

Our Work


We’ve had the pleasure of partnering with some remarkable brands and establishing an extensive network of affiliates.

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Fresh News

Check out what’s happening in The Sphere and stay ahead of the curve with the latest design and marketing trends.

Is Your Insurance Agency Marketing to Millennials?

November 16, 2017
Learn how your company can appeal to the millennial generation. Regardless of how you personally feel about millennials, they are becoming a major market force.  That’s why it’s so important for your business to tap into this potential customer base.  But how can your insurance company appeal to the millennial generation?  Here are some pointers for you to consider. Millennials Want to Stand for Something While your goal is to sell insurance services, millennials have other priorities beyond simply buying something.  That’s why it’s vital that your company really sells its core values.  Millennials want to support companies that stand for more than a profit, so make sure you highlight how your business gives back to and supports the local community and beyond.  Demonstrating that your company has values and truly cares for its customers and community will really attract millennials to your business. Millennials Want Authenticity and Truth The quickest way to turn off a millennial is by being inauthentic and pandering to them.  If you attempt to manipulate them or stretch the truth, then your company will lose a millennial’s trust and could be branded as opportunistic and sleazy.  Keep in mind that millennials are the most connected generation in history, so one bad review or lost customer can quickly turn into a huge problem for your business.  Make sure your business is honest about its offerings and, if caught in a lie, issue a sincere apology.  Owning up to any mistakes will go a long way in the eyes of a millennial. Millennials Want Online Visibility As previously mentioned, millennials are one of the most connected generations ever, and the Internet and social media play a huge role in this interconnectedness.  Millennials are constantly online and this is why your business needs to have a strong digital presence.  Even if you have a website, blog, or social media account for your business, this visibility will not translate into more customers unless it is visually attractive and user friendly.  Remember, a millennial will move on very quickly if they do not like what they see on their screen. Keep these suggestions in mind as your insurance company attempts to appeal to the millennial generation.  If you find that your business is struggling to attract younger customers, then turn to the experts as GTK Analytics.  From eye-catching custom website designs to written content that appeals to your audience, our dedicated team is ready to meet all your digital marketing needs.  Contact us to get started today!

SEO or PPC: Where Should You Invest?

November 9, 2017
SEO or PPC? Organic results or paid advertising? Determine which digital marketing strategy is better for your business. The SEO vs. PPC battle has raged as long as there have been search engines. These two digital marketing strategies create different results and have their own unique set of challenges. It’s understandable that businesses want to select the right approach and make sure the time and money they’re putting in will bring a large volume of high-quality traffic to the business, ready to convert. So, which should your company choose? SEO Search engine optimization (SEO) is the process of making a website achieve high rankings organically on search engine results pages for given keywords. It is relatively affordable and a significantly longer-term solution. The downside to this process is the time taken – Rome wasn’t built in a day, after all. SEO is a slow burner – it can take time to hit the high spots and start seeing a significant return on your investment. However, if you have a good dose of patience, the work you do now will last for one, two, or even five years. PPC Pay Per Click (PPC) requires an advertiser to bid on keywords associated with an advertisement to obtain higher positions in the search engine results pages for searches on that keyword. These links appear above or below organic listings with the green ‘ad’ text. PPC wins many fans for its speed, ease of reporting, and directly attributable ROI. Businesses can instantly see which keywords are bringing in clients and can quit under-performing keywords in a matter of moments. Even though Google likes to throw in a few curve balls now and again to mix things up with organic listings, it is easier to maintain a top ad ranking spot long term. The sole drawback to PPC is the ongoing cost involved. It’s worth noting that even with an unlimited pay per click budget, running a paid search runs the risk of missing out on a significant portion of traffic simply due to users preferring to click on organic listings. It’s no secret that SEO is a more sustainable long-term strategy, but it can take a long time before results are achieved. A PPC tactic can help to offset limited SEO results at the early stages of an SEO campaign as well as other benefits! In short, there is no one right way to spend your online marketing budget, but both of these methods can deliver excellent results. Combined, they may be your business’s solution. If you are having trouble deciding what your company needs, contact the digital marketing experts at GTK Analytics. Check out our services for more information or give us a call directly!

The Importance of Great Photography for Web Design

November 2, 2017
Blurry stock photos on your website? Think again if you want to boost sales. Humans are visual creatures hence what others see has an undeniable impact on our success. Images transcend language and words, allowing guests to have a better understanding of your business – instantly. Gone are the days where websites are text-heavy with the occasional stock photograph in the corner. These days, sites are all about being minimal, clean, and fitted with stunning and relevant photos, so you want to make sure your website is designed professionally. First Impressions Count First impressions are formed within seconds. As most of the information we ingest and interpret is visual, quality design can make your site and your brand stick in the guest’s mine as professional and credible. Our brains will focus on imagery before reading the wording on a website. Users want instant gratification, so if they click on a site with too much text and irrelevant, blurry photos, they may leave the site. After all, a poorly designed website doesn’t scream professionality. Make Your Business Benefit from Biology Studies tell us that 90 percent of information transmitted to the brain is visual, and visuals are processed around 60,000 times faster in the brain than text. You can use this to your advantage when building your website. A professional, modern looking site immediately builds trust and guides visitors to take action. The website design can either help or hinder a guest since it affects how quickly visitors can find what they’re looking for. If navigating a website is challenging or frustrating, the visitor may leave and try another site. This result in a lost opportunity, whereas a good design will be easy to understand and navigate, getting that customer one step closer to a sale. How to Use Photos to Your Advantage Firstly, you want to choose suitable, high-quality photos that help your business look attractive to clients. These days, users surf the web on devices with incredibly high-resolution displays in far greater clarity. The use of retina-ready imagery has now become part of the web development process. Of course, high-quality images will result in larger file sizes which slow down the response speed of the website. If the site takes too long to load, users will leave the site. The trick is finding the sweet spot of good images with a fast response time. If you want your website to make a great first impression, remember to pay attention to the images. Make sure your business conjures stunning photos along with compelling content. Recognizing the importance of visual communication for your site is key to your success. The expert team at GTK Analytics, formerly Stratosphere Marketing Solutions, can help to transform your website’s design and function. For all of your digital marketing needs, contact us today!

GTK Analytics Announces its Participation at the BE UNSTOPPABLE BOOTCAMP

October 30, 2017
Join us as we introduce GTK Analytics at this year’s BE UNSTOPPABLE BOOTCAMP. On November 2nd-4th, Mike Stromsoe will host his BE UNSTOPPABLE BOOTCAMP in San Diego, California.  This three-day event offers everything you need to know to expand your insurance business, establish financial stability, and take control of your agency’s future.  As one of the event’s Gold Sponsors, the team at GTK Analytics will be presenting our scalable, custom web design solutions guaranteed to increase your agency’s online brand awareness.  Read on to learn more about this fantastic event, and find out how your business will benefit from GTK Analytics’ services and resources. The BE UNSTOPPABLE BOOTCAMP draws insurance professionals from all over the country who are eager to learn proven strategies for agency success.  At this event, Mike Stromsoe will reveal how to recruit the best professionals, run your agency more efficiently, increase your agency’s customer retention rate, and many more secrets that will revolutionize your business.  As the only insurance profitability speaker still actively working in the industry, Stromsoe will offer the most accurate information and most ground-breaking strategies to bolster your agency’s success.  Additionally, the event will feature world famous guest speakers to motivate you and your team to take the insurance industry by storm! Representatives from the GTK Analytics team will also be exhibiting and speaking throughout the event.  At BE UNSTOPPABLE, we will present our marketing and custom web design services specifically tailored to the needs of insurance agencies.  From beautiful custom websites to SEO optimization to original website content, GTK Analytics is the answer to all your digital marketing needs.  With extensive experience serving the needs of insurance agencies nationwide, GTK Analytics (formerly Stratosphere Marketing) is ready to transform your agency’s online presence! You can purchase tickets for this year’s BE UNSTOPPABLE BOOTCAMP here.  For more information about GTK Analytics’ participation in the event, or to learn more about our services, contact us!  Our expert team is always ready to assist you with all your digital marketing needs.

How Good Web Design Increases Lead Conversion

October 26, 2017
A hand-crafted, good web design can do a lot for your online presence, but how about your sales? There is a big misconception when it comes to the role of web design. Many people see design purely as aesthetics that dresses up the appeal of the business. While visual satisfaction is important, your website should be more than a pretty digital brochure. Good web design, when partnered with adequate user function and high-quality content, is a tool that can help you to reach specific business goals. Your website is typically the primary touchpoint that your audience or visitors will land on to check you out, so it’s understandable that you want to make a good first impression. Even so, you can have a stunning website, but if the pages aren’t converting visitors to leads, your site isn’t performing at its best. A good site will encompass all of the guest’s needs, sparking the confidence in them to reach out. Check out just a handful of design considerations to keep in mind to make your website more effective at converting visitors into leads. Visual weight and direction First impressions are critical online. You have around 10 seconds to make a good impression before a visitor leaves. Fortunately, compelling visuals, nice photography, and a clean overall layout can help to hold a visitor’s interest. It’s worth noting that when there are competing elements on a page, the eye tends to land on what is visually dominant, so it’s wise to ensure that this is a picture or text that is relevant to your business’s services. Navigation Never underestimate the importance of user-friendly navigation. Good usability is when a visitor can easily find information on your site and complete actions, such as converting in a call to action. Simple navigation, such as using a consistent style for links and headlines, help to create a clear path for the visitor to take. Avoid information overload Gone are the days of text-heavy sites that would overwhelm every visitor. Now, it’s all about keeping a clean and neat site with the basics about your business at the forefront. Instead of bombarding your home page with industry insights and tips and tricks, designate all of this information to a blog where you can keep clients and visitors informed. Additionally, call to actions should be compelling enough for users to engage and convert. Are you experiencing website woes? The expert team at GTK Analytics, formerly Stratosphere Marketing Solutions, can help to transform your website’s design and function. For all of your digital marketing needs, contact us online today!
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