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We are professional, we are creative, we are hungry for success with a sophisticated palette that can only be satisfied by delectable design.


Each team member; an ingredient of equal importance in satisfying a client’s cravings, feeding off one another for creativity with deflated ego’s. #Nobeef


We understand the value of liaison with our clients, so we are committed to brewing rich and meaningful communications.

Developing Relationships

We suppose you can call us a sucker for love, because we dedicate ourselves to building lasting relationships.

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We know how to leverage the right tools to give our clients the best possible online experience.

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We have a thirst for life that is routinely quenched with an environment that allows the creative juices to flow.



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  • Brain Storming

    Thunderous ideas are materialized from the 1st step of our process and transformed into creative solutions.

  • Planning

    During the exploration stage, we dive into our clients’ business requirements and competitive landscape.

  • Development

    Once we have a clear strategy and we know what we want to achieve, it’s time for our designers to roll up their sleeves.

  • Launch

    Following thorough quality assurance involving the client and our team, the project is Go for Liftoff.

Web Design/Development

Creating innovative and interactive websites that focus on promoting your brand while staying on top of the latest technology trends. Our fully custom websites are unique to your company’s specific needs.

Graphic Design

Our experienced graphic designers will use a combination of high resolution imagery, typography, and page layouts to produce a final design that takes your breath away.

Email Newsletter

It is critical to create touch points with both your existing clients and prospects

Branding/Logo Design

Our graphic design experts will ensure that your branding is cohesive and engaging across all online platforms.

Search Engine Optimization

Get found online. We will work with you to find the most relevant, and beneficial, hyper local keywords to target in order to improve your SEO value.

Social Media Marketing

Social media has become the new word of mouth marketing. Let our team develop strategic, hyper local social media campaigns that will drive followers to your site and increase engagement when interacting with your brand


Visibility and consistency are absolutely crucial in reaching a target audience. Place your ads in front of your customers no matter where they go online.

Content Marketing

Creating engaging and unique content through the art of blogging and social media marketing.


Spanning from web page content, blogging, social media marketing, and press release creation- we’ve got you covered.

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The SMS team delivers world class designs across the nation, helping brands live up to their full potential. It’s what we do.

Our Work


We’ve had the pleasure of partnering with some remarkable brands and establishing an extensive network of affiliates.

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Fresh News

Check out what’s happening in The Sphere and stay ahead of the curve with the latest design and marketing trends.

SEO Series Part II: Why Local SEO Could Be the Key to Success Online

May 25, 2016
If you’re not leveraging local SEO, your business isn’t truly optimizing its online presence. Search engine optimization, or SEO, is a trending topic. We started a five-part series on this important tool a couple of weeks ago, but now we want to dig deeper. Specifically, we want to show you how local SEO could help your business crack the digital code and move up the search engine ranking pages. Why does local matter? Here are just a few reasons. It’s a Google favorite. Google’s in the little guy’s corner. They want to give local businesses the tools they need to perform online, as is evidenced by free resources like their Analytics and Search Console. Their latest algorithm updates have focused on giving searchers relevant results, and a big part of what they consider relevant is location. We’re going mobile. As more and more searches come from mobile devices, we can all assume that more people are looking for information while on-the-go. When you search “Thai food,” search engines assume you’re looking for Thai food in the area, and will consequently show you local results. The digital landscape is competitive. The internet grows daily. With more sites comes more competition. How do you keep up? Find your niche. By optimizing locally, you compete just with local businesses, not with every single business in your industry across the globe – and the web. If you’re ready to dive into some local optimization, we can help. Here are a few tips to get you started. Get your information right. Google wants to show local searchers your business, but they need to know where to find you. If you’ve got a different address on your website, Facebook page, and Yelp, both search engines and searchers are going to get confused. Make sure there’s consistency in your business name, address, and phone number across all of your citations online. Add in your city. To optimize your website locally, make sure the pages across your site mention your location. Include your city and state in the title of blogs to build up your local presence. Ask for help. That is, ask your clients to leave an honest review on Yelp, Google, Yahoo Local, etc. It’s illegal to pay for these reviews, but you can let your customers know that if they’re on one of these sites, you’d love a review. Positive local reviews can move you up the rankings. These tips will help you get started with local SEO, but you shouldn’t stop there! To have a dedicated Account Manager analyze your business’s local digital presence and offer solutions customized for you, contact Stratosphere Marketing Solutions in Westlake Village, California today.

Web Wednesday: Stratosphere Branches Out With Unique New Websites

May 18, 2016
These unique new websites will give you a little taste of the broad talents of our design team! At Stratosphere Marketing Solutions, we serve businesses in nearly every industry. That being said, insurance and real estate have become a couple of sweet spots for us. We love these industries and the people we get to know in them, but we don’t want you to think we can’t serve you if you’re not selling policies or properties! To showcase the broad range of websites our talented design team can create, we want to put the spotlight on these unique new websites.   Conejo Valley Catering We love Conejo Valley Catering! When we need to order food for the office, they’re usually our first call. We had a lot of fun (and did a lot of drooling) while designing their imagery-heavy site.   Oceana Laundry We wanted to make sure Oceana Laundry’s site felt as fresh and clean as their services would leave your clothes. The open design and crisp blues invite you to visit not just their site, but their location.   Manna Food Bank – Conejo Valley   We love giving back when we have the chance, so it was our pleasure to design a new site for Manna. Our goal was to make it equally easy to use for people who need a hand from Manna and people who want to lend a hand to this great cause.   Hospice of the Conejo   Hospice can feel like a scary topic, so we wanted to create a warm, welcoming site for the excellent caregivers at Hospice of the Conejo. By using inviting images and a warm color palette, we built a site that conveys their dedication to caring.   Timer Cap When you have a product as innovative as Timer Cap, you need a modern, state-of-the-art website. Through white space and moving graphics across the site, we created a fitting platform for this great product that doesn’t distract from the product itself.   Do you need a new site? We build unique new websites in a wide range of industries and can customize the perfect web presence for you! Get the website your business deserves; contact Stratosphere Marketing Solutions in Westlake Village, California today.

SEO Series Part I: Covering the Basics, & Covering Your Bases

May 11, 2016
What is SEO, and why does it matter for your business?   Is your business ready for more? More clients? More revenue? A higher standing in the community? Then it’s time to start thinking about search engine optimization, more commonly known as SEO. It’s exactly what it sounds like – optimizing your web pages so search engines can find you, understand what you have to offer, and properly rank you on their pages. What is SEO? Why does it matter? We’re going to address those questions in these post, the first in a five-part series we’re starting about search engine optimization. Why SEO isn’t easy.   Let’s just say this up front: SEO is complicated. Google and other search engines give us a pretty decent amount of information about the algorithms they use to rank websites, but they don’t tell us that if we do X, Y, and Z we’ll rank on page one. Plus, search engines update their algorithms all the time to avoid people “hacking the system” and ranking web pages that aren’t ultimately valuable to the end user. At the end of the day, this means that search engine optimization is complex and fluid. What we do know. Although we don’t know everything about SEO, we do have some information. For example, if you want to rank your web page for a certain keyword, that keyword needs to be placed in certain locations. Here are some helpful tips: Title tag. Search for something in Google. You’re going to get a bunch of results with titles in blue. What shows up in blue is known as the title tag, and it’s a very important place to have your keyword. You’ll probably notice that the phrase you searched is bolded in some of those title tags. By using SEO and including that keyword in your title tag, you’re giving your web page the best shot of ranking high when someone searches for that phrase. Meta description. See the little blurb that comes up beneath the title? That’s your page’s meta description and, again, it’s a key place to have your keyword. Your meta description should give people searching for info a quick blurb on what they’ll find if they do click through to your page. Working your keyword into your meta description helps users find helpful info on your site, so it’s a great way to optimize your page. In the URL. Note that the URL shows up in green between the title tag and the meta description in Google. Put your keyword in your page’s URL to make it easier for actual humans and internet crawlers to find your page. On your web page. Obviously, you shouldn’t optimize a web page for a keyword that’s not relevant to the actual copy of the page. Make sure you’re delivering what your search engine result promises by putting the keyword in the following places. This is basically your page’s title. Search engines use the different headings – H1, H2, H3, etc. – to determine the

Your Real Estate Marketing Needs to Hit These Key Areas!

May 4, 2016
If your real estate marketing program doesn’t check these boxes, you’re missing out on potential business. Even if you’re the most dedicated and experienced real estate agent around, you’re going to have to compete with all the other professionals out there. Why not make that competition marginally less tough by putting a great marketing plan in place? Make sure your real estate marketing efforts don’t miss these key areas. Online: they come to you. Before someone hires you as an agent, they’re going to want to make sure you’re legitimate. A solid looking website goes a long way towards giving you the authority potential clients want to see. Go the extra mile by regularly posting blogs showcasing your industry knowledge and local connections, following SEO guidelines so your web page ranks high on search engine results pages, and periodically updating your site with relevant information. Online: you go to them. While it would be great if you could get every person in the area who’s thinking about buying or selling to visit your site, it’s not realistic. That’s why outreach is so important. Put out a regular newsletter, get active on social media (don’t forget LinkedIn!), and invest in targeted advertising campaigns. In person. Although we live in an increasingly digital time, people like to put a face to the name. Make it easy for them to do that by getting involved with local charities, hosting networking events, and offering educational seminars. Pairing in-person efforts with your digital marketing will help you hit every demographic in your area. If you’d like advice on setting up the best real estate marketing plan, contact Stratosphere Marketing Solutions in Westlake Village, California. We specialize in marketing for real estate professionals. Let us put our knowledge, resources, and manpower to work for you!

Three Easy, Affordable Ways to Make Your Office Healthier

April 27, 2016
Want to make your workplace a happy space? Try out these quick ways to make your office healthier! Here at Stratosphere, we’re having something of a revolution. Our writing team has tackled a lot of blogs on the health risks of sedentary office life, and we wanted to get proactive about avoiding those risks ourselves. Cue: trail mix in the break room, water drinking challenges (the safe kind!), walking and biking breaks, and standing desks. If we can do it, you can too! Here are just a few easy and affordable ways to make your office healthier today! Take a hike. Have an upcoming meeting that doesn’t require a presentation? Let your team know in advance (they might need a change of shoes!) that it will be a walking meeting. Not only are your combating the health detriments on long-term sitting, but you’re also giving your team an out-of-the-office refresher. This might just inspire them to bring fresh ideas to the table! Stand up for your team. Speaking of the health hazards of prolonged sitting, create an office environment that gives people the chance to get moving. You don’t have to invest in fancy standing desks if that doesn’t quite fit into your current budget. Even offering a few boxes to elevate monitors can make a huge difference! Beef (well, not beef literally…) up the break room. Most break rooms contain cheap, nonperishable food. That’s financially smart on the surface, but if you dig deeper, you’ll find that the health ramifications of regularly eating highly processed food are dangerous. That means more doctors’ bills for your employees, which means higher insurance costs for your business. Why not just invest in better snacks in the first place? Revamp your break room with healthy options like nuts and dried fruit. Need a little health inspiration? Or digital marketing? Or a new website? Either way, we’ve got you covered! Contact Stratosphere Marketing Solutions in Westlake Village, California today.